A local businessman walked along Poole Harbour in the early hours of the morning when something suddenly stopped him in his tracks. It was a lone deer happily skipping along the beach in the morning light and he promptly filmed the magical moment for posterity on his phone. The video was picked up by news outlets around the world leading to huge global interest and demand for interviews with the owner of the video. Here is the video:
A by-product of the media interest was revenue from selling the rights to the video and a higher profile for the man and his business A raised profile which would have cost a considerable amount of money in advertising and public relations Obviously, the above example isn’t typical but it would be a good idea to have your phone on you when you go out…just in case! But what this story illustrates is the power of video and how it can be a cost-effective way of promoting your business. Do you have a website? If you do then you will always be looking for ways to get traffic to it so why not make a video and post it to YouTube and get visitors to your website. You may ask yourself what can I make a video about. We all have areas of expertise and YouTube viewers have an appetite for knowledge! Your video doesn’t need to be expensive to make in fact most mobile phone cameras can make high-quality videos. Have you made a Powerpoint presentation recently? You can use free software to record the presentation and upload it to YouTube. Your video doesn’t have to be long either. Just make the video informative and interesting. YouTube user have short attention spans anyway. Tip: When you make a video for YouTube grab the viewers attention as early as possible because YouTube will rank your video higher if viewers watch your video all the way through. So if you need help using video in your marketing then get in touch!