Hashtags in social media are far more important than you may think.  They play a far more significant role in developing an interest in your social media activities. These are best used on Twitter and Instagram.

Hashtags are extremely important as they help your business be seen by more than just your followers, by categorizing your content for the audience.

They shouldn’t be too specific as they are less likely to be searched for.  So if you use general hashtags such as the kind of work you do or your location you are more likely to be found.

Be aware of falling into the trap of using too many hashtags.  If your post is more hashtags than content then you dilute your message and look desperate.

From a user perspective, hashtags help people to find posts that are relevant to their interest. Also it allows users to interact with other users who share the same interests by joining the conversation about hashtag AB.

From a business perspective this is your chance to be noticed in these conversations and establish your company as a voice for particular categories.

Knowing where, why and how to hashtag can change your social media presence quite tremendously.

For example if you own a coffee shop in Bournemouth Town Centre and you regularly post offers on Twitter, you can add hashtags to help users find you. So if you use #coffee #bournemouth #offers, people searching for any of these hashtags will be shown your post.  This will then help bring customers through your door.

If you haven’t been using hashtags in your posts don’t worry. It is never too late to start.  Hashtags are a continually growing communication tool that will help you grow your social media following and create engaging content that will ultimately grow your business.

We here at Mikes Online Academy are here to help you learn how to utilize hashtags.  Contact us for more information.