A top email marketer once said:

“An email address is like a customer’s “digital fingerprint”

With the rise of Facebook, Twitter and social media marketing, email marketing has seemingly been eclipsed by the new social media kids on the block.

But before writing off email marketing consider this:

66% of consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email campaign and over 70% of mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by promotion emails.

Social media can reach many more people than any other medium hands down but as you can see email marketing has a very high sales conversion rate.

Social Media And Email Marketing would be a  marriage made in heaven surely so how do you combine the two?

Do you have a Facebook page? You can add an email sign up form to your Facebook page using email software such as mailchimp and aweber and convert your Facebook likes into email addresses.

A few years ago Facebook introduced a”lead” ad which allows the collection of email addresses via its advertising platform.

You can collect email addresses this way by offering a free gift or inviting your Facebook fans to enter a competition.

Another method of building your email list by using social media is by sending Facebook users to your sign up form by using Facebook ad.

I have mentioned  Facebook so far but other social media platforms can be integrated with email marketing.

Twitter has a feature that allows you to “pin” a tweet so when someone checks out your profile it is the first tweet they will see. Make sure this “pinned” tweet contains a link to your email sign-up form.

Be sure to add links to your email sign up forms in your social media profiles.

You can also drive traffic to your social media pages by emailing your list about your latest posts or offers on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or YouTube gaining maximum exposure and leveraging your time.

You will find email marketing and social media marketing are powerful allies.

If you need help with integrating email marketing with social media then get in touch