Pinterest Tips – Are you Getting the most out of Pinterest?

Pinterest Tips – Are you Getting the most out of Pinterest?


pinterest tips


Social Media has been all the rage for a while now, but recently, one site has seen its popularity skyrocket and emerge from obscurity to almost rival giants such as Twitter and of course Facebook to become one of the biggest social media sites on the Internet. Pinterest has attracted business and individuals alike. The average use is female, within the ages of 25-54 (72 % of all users) and has an annual average salary of $100,000. Point being they have money to spend and it is important to get your Pinterest account set up correctly.

So what is Pinterest exactly?It is basically a photo / Image sharing website that allows you to create either image or theme based collations (known as boards), and share them. The mission of Pinterest is to allow users to share images of interest with the world via a global platform. What this allows you and me to do is to upload images (or pins) as well as other media content such as videos through themed collections (the boards). What a lot of people do not know, however, is that done correctly, Pinterest can greatly help in your marketing and it is possible to increase the amount of money you earn.   In this post, I will share some Pinterest tips and tricks to do this.

Pinterest Tips 1 – Optimize your Profile

Pinterest tips

Pinterest tips

It is important that you have your picture if you are an individual and a logo if you are a company. But you MUST have an image. Make sure your account is integrated with Facebook and Twitter and you have your description filled out. Watch for Typos….SEE above image!!

Pinterest Tips 2 – Edit Boards

When you have a few boards, one of my pinterest tips is to rearrange the order of your boards. Pinterest TipsYou can have as many boards as you like, but you may want to rearrange the order that they appear do that similar boards are grouped together.

Pinterest Tips 3 – You MUST verify your Website

Many folk use Pinterest as a way to get a back link for a blog post. What a lot of people forget is that unless they verify their website, Google will not recognize the URL and thus any link that you use will not be counted as a back link unless you do this.

Pinterest Tips – Are you Getting the most out of Pinterest?

Like a lot of things, Pinteerst is easy once you know what to do and the only way is to get started. Once you do, you will find that it is quite addictive. But of course , you want to maximize its effects so that you can capture leads for your business and promote affiliate products, drive traffic back to your blog, Facebook Fanpage and other sites.

Pinterest Tips – Get busy by getting started

Pinterest has helped me greatly in my on-line business and I advise you to follow these Pinterest tips, get started, and start driving traffic to your sites. So, happy pinning!


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