Let me introduce myself

I am a Social Media Manager and Coach.

I previously  had a career in sales and marketing and have trained as a therapist in the past.

Around 2007 I became interested in ebay and later Amazon as a way of generating sales and concentrated on those platforms primarily.

Then in 2011 internet marketer  Chris Farrell was raving about the marketing potential of Facebook.

I was skeptical, compared to ebay and Amazon, Facebook didn’t seem to be an obvious way of generating sales.

I subscribed to one of his courses and I was hooked from that point.

What excited me was the access to millions upon millions of users and to be quite honest it was more fun than the ecommerce sites I was dealing with.

I kept being asked by my friends for help with their social media.

So I decided to set myself up as a social media manager and consultant and that’s why I am here now!

I have worked with companies in industries as diverse as IT,home improvements,florists,publishers,cat accessory suppliers and taxi companies to name a few!

Best Wishes


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